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Life can throw us curveballs, and sometimes, it's not easy to navigate through challenging situations. If you're finding yourself in a tough spot, whether it's due to life transitions (like completing your studies, becoming a parent, or facing retirement), personal situations (such as relationship issues, job changes, or dealing with chronic stress), or other life hurdles, I'm here to offer support and guidance.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but what I do is provide a safe space where you can explore your concerns and find your own solutions.

Nóra Schäfer

Counseling psychologist, autogenic training therapist, coach
I am Nóra Schäfer, a counseling psychologist with expertise in crisis intervention, relaxation and coaching.


My journey in psychology began in 2011 when I earned my master’s degree from Pázmány Péter Catholic University. In 2020, I obtained a counseling psychologist qualification with a focus on crisis intervention from Eötvös Loránd University. During my university years, I was drawn to the restorative perspective and gained valuable experience working with at-risk youth and conducting group leadership.

My professional path expanded to include experiential learning, wilderness and adventure therapy, and skill development, all of which I continue to incorporate into my programs. Since 2013, I’ve been a freelance professional, collaborating with various organizations to work with diverse groups, from at-risk youth to adults seeking self-improvement. I specialize in stress management, conflict resolution, assertiveness, and enhancing psychological resilience.

I’ve received training in autogenic relaxation and completed method-specific training from the Hungarian Relaxation and Symbolic Therapy Association. Currently, I’m pursuing training as a couple and family therapist with the Hungarian Family Therapy Association. My commitment to continuous self-improvement and expanding my professional knowledge is at the core of my practice.


Psychological Counceling
  • Sometimes, life's challenges can be overwhelming. My goal is to help you find your way through difficult moments and support you in discovering your own inner strength and solutions. Whether it's
  • dealing with stress,
  • coping with loss,
  • navigating through a crisis,
  • asserting yourself, or
  • addressing various life issues,
  • I'm here to guide you. I don't give advice, I help you uncover your unique solutions, provide a fresh perspective, and empower you to strengthen your emotional well-being.
Overcoming stressful situations
Life management issues
Coping with loss
Dealing with challenges in relationships
Addressing a crisis
Career related topics
Autogenic training
  • Autogenic Training is one of the most well-established and extensively researched relaxation methods, independent of spirituality and religion. It is widely recognized and used in Western medicine and psychology. By harnessing the body's natural self-healing mechanisms, it releases resources that were previously focused on activating the stress response. Regular practice of Autogenic Training leads to the reduction or elimination of the negative effects of stress. It lowers overall tension, improves the quality of sleep, enhances concentration, physical and mental performance, and self-efficacy.
  • Learning Autogenic Training involves 8-15 sessions, either individually or in groups, following an initial online consultation. To experience the beneficial effects, daily home practice is essential, taking only 10-15 minutes per day.

  • The aim of a coaching process is to enhance the quality of life, to help set and achieve personal and professional goals.


  • The fee for individual consultations is 18,000 Hungarian Forints per session. In case of a missed or late cancellation (within 24 hours), the full fee must be paid.
  • If this amount would be overly burdensome for you, I am willing to offer a discount based on individual agreement.
  • Payment is made via bank transfer, Revolut or PayPal.
First steps
  • In the initial contact via phone or email, we discuss the scheduling of the first appointment.
  • The first 1-3 sessions are used to explore what kind of support you need and whether the issue can be addressed within the framework of psychological counseling or coaching. If it can, we jointly decide whether to commit to working together and, if so, under what terms.
  • You have the option to cancel free of charge with a 24-hour notice; otherwise, the fee will be invoiced.
  • Budapest, Alkotás utca 15.
Contact infos
  • Please get in touch via email
  • schafernorapszichologus@gmail.com
  • or phone
  • +36706297721